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PH Outdoors G-SERIES no-till drill was developed with the hunter & wildlife manager in mind.  The G-SERIES is a true, no till drill that will plant a variety of seeds and blends, into the ground, even in the toughest soil conditions.  The G-SERIES features tempered cutting discs, spaced at 7.5 inches apart.  The discs slice into the soil, allowing the seeding mechanism to plant the seeds into the created slits and solid, rubber packing wheels trail behind the discs to close up the soil.  The G-SERIES will provide outstanding seed to soil contact even when cutting through standing vegetation. The infinitely-variable gearbox and seed calibration system make the G-Series easy to use and extremely accurate.



Weight Bar

Suitcase weights can be added to if more weight is needed based on your soil conditions


The G3 is a true no till drill designed for UTVs.  The G3 has all the great features as the lorger models, just in a smaller package.  With 5 cutting elements and 38" working width, the G3 can be towed behind smaller tractors or 800cc+ UTVs.  Or with the use of your 3-point tractor lift & 1,600lbs lift capacity, you can lift the G3 and drive it to your favorite food plot to plant.  



Designed for versatility, the G5 is just the right size for a wide variety of tractors on the market while still being able to get into tighter areas and it is ideal for easy trailer transport while still attached to a tractor. With a 60" working width, 8 seeding elements, and weighing 1,825 lbs,  the G5 is a compact, yet very productive drill.  


the G8 is our second largest no till drill, allowing a habitat manager just that much more productivity if needed. With 13 seeding elements  and weighing 2,668 lbs, the G8 can still be handled by a wide range of tractors. 


The G10 is our largest no till food plot drill.  When fully loaded, you'll need at least a 120HP tractor with rear lift capacity of 5,500lbs. This model is also commonly optioned with a tow kit. If you're a habitat manager planting large food plots and have good access to them, the G10 will save you time & money.  It has 16 cutting elements at 7.5" between rows; a wildlife manager can plant up to 9 acres per hour



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Front Cutters

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